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The Melloni Farm is a family story: they have been looking after and promoting the heritage offered in the “Modenese” territory.

Being born in San Felice, in 1952 Mario Melloni was already cultivating a plot of land with fruit and vegetables, carrying on the peasant traditions of the time.

Today the whole family takes care of preserving that same sustainable production, encouraging a return to the land in the respect of the quality and the variety of ancient Fruits.

Who we are


Who we are

Anna Maria

Who we are


Who we are



Mario Melloni begins the family business cultivating a plot of land according to the peasant tradition of the time.


Wolmer, Mario’s son and his wife Anna Maria become parents: Francesco is born, the third Melloni gemeration in San Felice, Modena.


Giulia arrives , second-born daughter of the the Melloni family.
They manage the land owned with a special care for sustainable production.


Francesco collects his gandfather Mario’s heritage and starts the Melloni Farm: the dream becomes reality.


The Melloni Farm produce wholesome products promoting the sustainable development of the rural territory.

The main objective of the farm is to preserve the biodiversity maintaining the social and economic vitality of the rural areas.

Being members of Slow Food and joining the Food Community of the “Basso Mantovano” has become the natural consequence of an ethical  choice made in favour of a new model of well-being based on the old values of the rural culture.


The Farm is family run: they cultivate, transform and market their products, which are the   result of a  choice of quality.

From the gradual harvest of fruits to the breeding of Modenese breed hens for a recovery

project, all the activities of the farm  are based on a sistainable agricultural production.

The farm has got an inside laboratory for the processing of raw materials in order to reach the complete control of the supply chain; in this way they are able to offer the Mostarda and other excellences of the territory really “from farm to fork”.

The farm  is certified as organic and complies with all the EU requirements.