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The organic mostarda from Campanina apple is a high quality product comimg from the desire of the Melloni Farm to let the local culture flourish again through one of its excellence.

Being an ancient apple, the “campanina” has been recoverd and cultivated by the Melloni Farm with organic methods and in the respect of nature and its time.

The “campanina” apple is small but very rich in nutritional elements; it spread amomng the rural community in the past because it could help the winter need for fruits thanks to its long, natrual preservation.

The Mostarda instead, which was born as a delight of the noble families, could spread among the whole population as a special product to eat during festivities.

The Melloni Farm give again splendor to this local tradition with their Organic Mostarda from Mantua made with “campanina” Apple: a connection of generations looking forward to a sustainable future.


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The organic Mostarda from Mantua with “campanina” apples is made only by using this type of apples cultivated by the Melloni Farm and following the tradition of the Mostarda from Mantua to offer the customer a short production chain.

The processing of the product is made in the laboratory inside the farm; the laboratory is certified by ICEA as compliant with biological processes following the “farm” method, that is “from farm to fork”: through very few simple processes that guarantee the properties and the taste of the product.