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The Farm is family run: they cultivate, transform and market their products, which are the   result of a  choice of quality.

From the gradual harvest of fruits to the breeding of Modenese breed hens for a recovery

project, all the activities of the farm  are based on a sistainable agricultural production.

The farm has got an inside laboratory for the processing of raw materials in order to reach the complete control of the supply chain; in this way they are able to offer the Mostarda and other excellences of the territory really “from farm to fork”.

The farm  is certified as organic and complies with all the EU requirements.

The Farm

6 hectares

The Farm

400 stone fruits

The Farm

12 beehives

The Farm

40 modenese hens


 The system of work is based on principles of balance and respect for the environment.

The organic certification states a conscious production in line with thier commitment  in terms of sustainability of the farm.

The hand-picking of the fruit and the use of low environmental impact machinery together with the processing of the fruits in the certified labooratory testify the great attention to the quality of their products.

The rediscovery and enhancement of forgotten seeds, the protection and recovery of the Modenese breed hen rased in the wild and fed with organic cereals cultivated in the farm are the basic priciples of the farm.

Respect for the environment, tradition and innovation meet in the Melloni Farm to promote a  new model of well-being based on the quality of  the range of their products.




Eggs (from Modenese hens)




The Melloni Farm is equipped with a laboratory certified by Icea in the area of the estate in San Felice; it is used for the production of the organic Mostarda from Mantua and other products they make.

It is fundamental for the farm to have a full control of the short productive chain so as to reduce the  steps from producer to consumer.

That’s why the farm created a laboratory inside the farm with all the necessary machines and tools used for the processing of the products.

From the washing of the fruits to the filling of the jars, all procedures happen near the orchards where the fruits are hand-picked. All the members of the family control all the phases of the production to assure the best quality of their organic Mostarda from Mantua